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Bike Service & Repair

At Bluestone Bike & Run we offer a complete list of repair and preventative maintenance services for your bicycle. We service all bikes, even if you didn't buy it from us

Similar to your car, your bike needs to be taken in for service on a regular basis. The frequency of those visits depends on many factors, the greatest of which, is how often you ride your bike. As a casual rider, a good rule of thumb is to bring it in at least once in early Spring or once in the late Fall to receive a tune-up. Simply put, if you take care of your bike it will last longer!


(We work on bicycles, trikes, strollers, recumbent bikes, and more.)

For a list of our labor rates for individual services, please stop by the shop or give us a call.

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What should my Service Schedule be?
We recommend the following basic service schedule for your various bike parts:

  • Wheels: check tension yearly

  • Tire pressure: every two weeks

  • Cables/housing: annually for mountain bikes, every two years on road bikes

  • Hubs: every two years on cup/cone, as needed for sealed cartridge bearing hubs

  • Bottom bracket: new one/bearings as needed

  • Headsets: bearings as needed

  • Chain: check for wear annually, lube monthly

  • Brakes: brake pads, hydraulic lines, rotors

  • Tires: inspect for wear, cuts, holes monthly

  • Chainrings: check for wear and tighten the bolts twice a year

  • Derailleurs: check for lateral play, worn pulleys twice a year

  • Seatpost/saddle: pull apart and remove from frame to grease annually

What should I do between servicing?
You should be doing the ABC Quick Check (Air, Brakes, Chain, Quick Releases, short check-out ride before you hit the trails or set off on a road ride). 

Mountain Bike Suspension Service

Some bike parts require maintenance to keep them from getting damaged. Suspension is one of these parts.

We recommend the following basic service schedule for your suspension:

  • Suspension fork: service the lowers annually

  • Rear shock: air can seals, hardware and damper check annually

  • Suspension pivots: check for wear annually