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Why Running?

We've made the leap into running shoes and apparel in early 2015. and to some of you it may seem out of left field; however, it is more of a natural progression than you would think. How many cyclists do you know that also run or take long walks? I bet your answer was most. In addition to running and walking, high cushion running shoes make great shoes for any activity where you're on your feet.

Don't let Dave and Erik's baby faces fool you, they know their stuff. Both guys graduated from James Madison University with Kinesiology degrees. In addition to college smarts, they have worked in bike shops and running stores since 1999. 

Combine their knowledge of exercise and biomechanics with their experience in the running and bicycling field and you have two well versed exercise junkies ready to help you on your next adventure afoot.

As your local shop we want to offer you the best products and services to help your active lifestyle. And we think we've created the perfect combination by having everything for your cycling and running needs under the same roof! Our mission is simple; to make your life easier, healthier, and more enjoyable.


Our steps to get you in the right pair of shoes:

1. Getting to Know You: First we will look at your foot structure and ask you a few questions to narrow down the selection.  This helps us hone in on the types of shoes that would fit your foot and specific needs best.

2. Gait Analysis: We will then look at your gait when walking and/or running to see how much support you need.  We carry a wide variety of shoes from neutral cushion shoes to supportive stability shoes, we can find the right shoe for you!

3.  The Decision: After we narrow the selection, we will suggest 2-4  different shoes that we think would be most comfortable on your foot and work with your gait.  This is the part where you get to try each one on, run, walk, and jump in them to figure out which shoe feels best on your foot!