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Have the "problem" of always wanting the latest and greatest bike/gear? Yeah, so do we.

Since we're all too familiar with this "problem" we've come up with a way to help! All you have to do is bring us your unwanted bicycle or bicycle frame*. We will take the hassle out of selling it and turn it in to shop credit you can use towards anything in the shop (or that we are able to order). 

We have a bunch of experience using Ebay selling bikes. We will clean, photograph, list, pack, and ship your goods to the highest bidder all while making sure you get the best return possible..

We'll subtract exactly what Ebay and PayPal take from the deal (15%) and you get the rest in the form of store credit!

Drop by the store with what you have. We’ll take, sell it, and in no time you'll have your money to get your new ride, gadget, tools, or apparel.

*In order to be considered for trade-in credit your used bike needs to have been originally sold for more than $1000. Unfortunately, we have limited space and selling resources, making it difficult to deal with lower end trade-in bikes. In some cases we make exceptions to this rule, so it doesn't hurt to ask us, just don't be offended if we can't make it work. Have questions, contact us!