Backcountry Mountain Bike Shuttle

Join us for an awesome day riding on some of the finest back country mountain bike trails you can find!

Our Shuttle Days are dialed… our van can haul 12 bikes and 12 riders, will be loaded with coolers for you to stash your lunch and drinks, and the driver knows the trails like the back of his hand/plus he’ll wrench on your bike if you’re in a pinch.

We run two groups (Group A and Group B) and we'll meet at the Briery Branch Reservoir at 9:30 am (or 10:30 am) depending on your group. Our crew will load up the van (max of 12 bikes) and then drive you to Reddish Knob, saving you way over an hour of climbing. 

You can then ride down a few options of trail (intermediate level to advanced) and meet us back at the Wolf Parking Lot. 

If you wish, our shuttle will run you back up the mountain when you return! 

The shuttle vehicle will make trips up the mountain every hour, the last run will be around 3:30 pm. This allows most riders the chance to get three rides down the mountain and trust us, you'll be worn out!

$40 for the day/person

(Santa Cruz bikes available)

Pack your lunch and spend the day with us! We'll provide a cooler for you to store your food/drinks, plus we'll have a giant water jug available to refill your bottles/hydration pack.

Shuttle Service - Full Day

Shuttle Service for 2019.

$2 of every ticket goes to support our local trails! Our goal is to raise $500 this year.

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Bluestone operates under a special use permit from the USFS George Washington National Forest.

We are simply driving you to the top of the mountain, it is up to you to get back down the mountain. We are happy to provide trail suggestions and advice, but for these specific events we will not be offering guided trips down the mountain (if you'd like a guided tour, please contact us and we'd be happy to arrange one for you). As always, ride at your own risk!