Dirt 100 2014- American Classic Hubs

The chances are that you’ve never heard of American Classic, but they’ve been producing great quality wheels for donkey’s years now. As much as we like some of their wheels (they’ve been doing the whole Stan’s style wide but light thing for years) it’s their hubs that have really impressed us. Yes they’re light and have great bearings etc, but it’s the finer details that make them stand out from the crowd. For example the lightweight aluminium freehub body has a couple of small steel inserts to stop your cassette from digging in, and perhaps most interestingly the left hand spoke flange on the rear hub is much further inboard than the norm. Conventional wisdom is to go as wide as possible to increase triangulation, but the drive side can never move outwards so all that really does is increase the imbalance in spoke tension. American Classic believe they’ve struck the best balance, and many top wheel builders seem to agree.

* Also see Marks local review by Chris Michaels.

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