Rental Agreement - Waiver

I accept the Bluestone Bike & Run bicycle loaned to me for use as a demonstrator at the agreed upon fee during the demo period. I agree to ride strictly in accordance with the terms of this agreement. I accept full responsibility for the care and proper use of the bicycle. I have made no misrepresentation on this form or otherwise regarding my weight, age, health, fitness or cycling experience. I have received satisfactory answers to all my questions regarding the use & function of the bicycle, including, without limitation, the pedal system and quick release mechanisms. If at any time I feel a demonstrator bicycle is not functioning properly, I will stop using it and will return it to the dealer for inspection and for any needed repairs or adjustments.

I understand that at the end of the demo period the demo fee(s) will be credited towards the future purchase of a new bicycle or full custom build only. Demo fees are non-refundable. I agree to return the demonstrator bicycle to Bluestone Bike & Run on the agreed upon date in the same condition that it was given to me. Any damages to or loss off the bicycle during my demonstration period are my sole responsibility and may incur charges to repair or replace the demonstrator bicycle.

I understand and am aware that cycling is a hazardous activity, involving inherent and other risks of personal injury or even death. I understand and acknowledge that bicycle riding involves many risks, including the risk of falling, collision with other bicyclists, motor vehicles, or stationary objects, and widely variable conditions of the
trail, road or pavement. I further understand that injuries in this activity are a common and ordinary occurrence. I freely and knowingly accept and assume these risks. I understand the proper use of each bicycle. I have been advised that as a condition of each bicycle being lent to me, I must wear a bicycle helmet at all times while riding it
and agree to do so. I also understand that bicycles are subject to all laws and rules of the road and I agree to abide by them whenever riding on public roadways.

I hereby RELEASE AND AGREE NOT TO MAKE ANY CLAIM AGAINST OR SUE BLUESTONE BIKE & RUN, the employee(s) of BLUESTONE BIKE & RUN, with respect to any and all liability for any personal injuries, death, property damage or any other damage or loss whatsoever, whether based on negligence or any other legal theory, that I or my heirs, executors, assigns or anyone claiming by or through me or them may have, relating in any way to the selection, maintenance, adjustment, design, manufacture, condition, and/or use of this bicycle and/or any other equipment listed above.

I agree that the terms of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Virginia, USA, without regard to its or any other states or country’s choice of law rules.

I hereby agree to and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. There are NO WARRANTIES, express of implied, which extend beyond the description of the bicycle listed in this document and I accept the bicycle “as is”.

I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand the release of liability provisions it contains. I am aware that this is a release of liability in consideration of each bicycle being loaned to me, and I sign it of my free will.