Nelle Douglas

Nelle is awesome; a teacher, mom of two, and one heck of a runner. When she isn't crushing trails and running laps around Harrisonburg, Nelle spends her time teaching young minds the art of reading, as a Reading Specialist for Rockingham County Schools. 

As a runner, Nelle has her eyes on the podium with an intense training plan and work ethic; however, she'll also be the first to stop and lend a hand to anyone in need along the way.

Having moved to Virginia from Alabama in 2015, Nelle's always exploring new trails and seeking out fun adventures. So, if you have any trail recommendations, be sure to send them her way. (We just hope you're not the KOM/QOM because Nelle has a good chance of swiping that from you!)

Join Nelle on her latest endeavor, Excel Rocktown!

Brad Fiala

There isn't anything Brad can't/won't do. Really.

Brad is a man of many, many talents. After spending his day as a construction/deconstruction expert, Brad then plays disc golf, or maybe hits a challenging mountain bike trail, or takes off in canoe, or possibly runs a 10K, or leads archery team practice, or finds some open pavement/gravel for an exploratory road bike ride, really anything as long as it is adventurous. 

He's a fun guy too. You can't help but laugh when you're around him, especially if he brings his son, Michael, together they are very entertaining.

If you see Brad, shake his hand and ask him about the next adventure he has planned. Just be careful before you sign-up to join him, it won't be a walk in the park!