2018 Santa Cruz Bicycles Demo Day - Harrisonburg, VA

We've managed to lasso the Santa Cruz Demo truck for a few hours on Sunday, October 21st, so if you're interested in riding some of the best bikes on the planet here's your chance!

Ride the all-new Bronson and 5010, the GWNF proven Hightower and Hightower LTs, the do everything Tallboy and the fast and furious Blur. 

Please bring your ID, credit card, helmet, shoes and pedals (if you have a preference)

Location - Massanutten Western Slopes - Happy Valley Rd, Keezletown, Virginia 22832

Time - 11am - 4pm

The Bluestone Shuttle Van will make shuttle runs, plus we will have the trails leaving the parking lot marked. We'll want to keep ride time to one hour or less as there will be high demand for bikes and we want to share the love!

***Also, Bluestone has a shop demo fleet of Bronson, Hightowers, Hightower LTs, 5010s, and Chameleons. You can rent those anytime!***

Shuttle Saturday #1 Recap!

On top of the world! (Reddish Knob)

On top of the world! (Reddish Knob)

We are very, very excited to have launched our Bluestone Bike and Run Shuttle Series in January!! Though it was our first attempt at providing this service we were pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly the event went.

Hats off to all the riders who were on time, respectful of the place, and super eager to ride!!

The North River Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest is by no means an easy place to ride bikes. It’s rocky, exposed, and very fast. The reaction I got from everybody when we crested the top of Reddish Knob was enough to put into perspective just how lucky we are to live where we live.

Photo from one of our awesome shuttle riders!

Photo from one of our awesome shuttle riders!

Backcountry singletrack is notorious for dishing out harsh blows. There’s a certain feel to being in a remote place on hard, technical terrain that is super inspiring though. I know personally I’m always wondering if the terrain is within my capabilities. With this in mind, I could feel the anticipation and excitement building in the van as we climbed up Reddish Knob. With each pass up the mountain I would remember my first time climbing up and then of course bombing down! I definitely was anxious.

When I would pick everybody up at the bottom at different times throughout the day I was inspired to hear stories of sweet moves or a crash, a flat tire, or a broken pinky. Everybody was very stoked. Being around enthusiastic, passionate people is almost as exciting as the riding itself.

Because the shuttle takes about 35 minutes, it gave us a nice window for everybody to get to know one another, swap stories, and of course, talk about bikes!

Rider photo of the shuttle van getting loaded up!

Rider photo of the shuttle van getting loaded up!

Shuttle Service - Full Day
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The drive up Reddish is unique in the fact that you can get a visual on the terrain you’ll be riding down. It was nice to have the time to talk about route options and also point out key places not to miss and fun little moves to explore.

Some folks would sit a lap out, enjoy their lunch at their pace, and hop on the next shuttle back to the top. The weather was beautiful so it was easy to sit one run out and enjoy the day.

About eight of the twenty four riders were able to get three trips down the mountain. Some riders took one lap, some got two. Everybody left happy, a little sore, but happy!

On behalf of everybody at Bluestone Bike and Run, We look forward to introducing more riders to our area as well as providing a service that gets folk out doing what they love.

Get your tickets for the February event now!

- Adam