Cannondale Riders Dominate at Hoo-Ha

The 2014 Massanutten Hoo-Ha race results are in and Cannondale should be happy with the outcome!

  • Men's Pro XC - 1st Place, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Scalpel)
  • Women's Pro XC - 1st Place, Sue Haywood (Cannondale Trigger)
  • Men's XXC - 1st Place, Chris Michaels (Cannondale Scalpel)
  • Women's Enduro  - 1st Place, Sue Haywood (Cannondale Trigger)

Not to mention, Cannondale Scalpels were ridden by three of the top 5 riders in the Men's Pro XC. See a theme here? 

Cannondale makes AMAZING bikes. The proof is in the success they had this weekend on the trails in our own backyard. Sweet victories guys and gals, keep up the great work!

In addition to all the Cannondale riders, congrats to everyone else who podiumed, had their personal best, or even gave racing their first go this past weekend. It is awesome to see such a strong biking culture in the Valley.

Huge shout out to Ian at for the photos!

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This past Saturday Kelly and I headed over to Lucketts, VA for a wintery race, the Snotcycle. Lately, besides my commute into work, I've not been super motivated to hop on the bike for any amount of time. The single digit temperatures we've been having certainly make it a little harder to get excited for big rides!

So this race was a great reason to get out there and have some fun. I also figured once I got beat up on in the race, I might be just a little more likely to get out and ride more!

Well what a way to start the season! I entered the cat 1 field, and the singlespeed field to make the most of my time in the snow. With room for only two bikes, I used my singlespeed in both races, and Kelly was on her Scalpel in the women's Cat 1 race.

The race course was a fun 4 miles a lap or so, and it got gradually faster as we put more mileage onto it! By the end the snow was running pretty fast in a 10 inch strip, and if you went off that, it felt like you just hit a wall of snow!

I'm pretty sure everyone but the guy who flatted had a great day drifting through the snow and getting sideways! By the end of the day Kelly had placed second. I'm not sure where I placed, 5th in both races I think, but I did win some frozen toes!

GPS track via STRAVA



Cannondale Lefty First Impressions

With the shop recently picking up Cannondale I was itching to try a bike that came equipped with their very unique and head turning suspension fork, the Lefty.

I bought an F29-3 carbon with the Lefty a few weeks ago, and having about 25 hours on it so far I feel compelled to give a short first impression of it and the bike.

I had been riding and racing on Rockshox Reba equipped bike this season and liked the Reba just fine. It's priced well, reasonably smooth, and light. The Lefty totally changed my perception of what a lightweight fork is capable of. It's much, stiffer and active than anything I've ridden before. When I stumbled on the video below it made more sense from a mechanical standpoint why the thing feels so good under forceful riding applications, where it really comes into it's own.

(Skip ahead to 2:20 for the good part) 

Check the reviews section in a month or so when I've gotten to ride this fork for over 100 hours for a full write up!