Run The Mountain

Run The Mountain 2016

I'm sore.

At this point in my life running plays second fiddle to biking. I typically get out for a run once a week, whereas I'll ride my bike two or three times.

I'd say I'm in decent shape, but this past weekend I learned I have much room for improvement.

I participated in an annual event called, Run The Mountain.

A local runner and trail running enthusiast Mark K. puts on the event. It's held out at the Western Slopes of Massanutten. You have the option of a 10.5 mile and a 3.2 mile course that leads you in a counter clockwise direction on the mountain. You get to run up some fun trails and then down some steep sections.

This year was my first time running in the race and seeing as I had a metric century to ride the following day, I chose the shorter route. 

It was fun, we had a group of maybe 15 people doing the 3 mile course. As we started we had small conversation until the trail started to point up. We all spread out and saved our breath :)

I was able to stay with the lead guy for a while and since he was part deer, he scampered off through the rocky sections while I watched my step. 

It wasn't much later after we started that we finished and boy, the downhill section did a number on my back and quads. I was really excited to cross the finish line in second place.

After a water break, I went back out on the course to cheer on the rest of the pack. A few more 3 milers came in as well as some 10 milers. Wow, the 10 milers looked strong... but at the same time tired!

As I got back in my car I knew my legs would be tire that evening. I was wrong, they were tired the next two days!

This just shows that switching up your routine is good for the body. I look forward to doing some more trail running as the temps drop and maybe next year I'll tackle the 10 mile course. 

See you at Run The Mountain 2017!

Here's a little video: