Multi-use trail

A Video Tour of the Bluestone Trail in Harrisonburg, VA

If you follow any of our social media accounts, you'll know that we are BIG, BIG fans of the Bluestone Trail. The Bluestone Trail is a multi-use trail that cuts right through our backyard, in Purcell Park. The trail is free from cars and safe for all skill levels of cyclist and runner/walker. Along the trail there are bridges to cross, baseball games to catch, playgrounds to explore, ducks to watch, and even a Starbucks for a quick coffee break.

Kyle and his family make a lap of the trail as frequently as possible and in this video he show's us his favorite loop. So watch the video and if you haven't made it out to enjoy this great city resource, please make plans to do so, soon!

Harrisonburg, Virginia's Bluestone Trail - An Easy Way To Play Outside

If you've spent any time following our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, feeds you'll know that we love riding and running on the Bluestone Trail. This amazing trail is a multi-use trail in Harrisonburg, VA that runs through the heart of Purcell Park, which is right behind our shop.

The trail connects JMU and Stone Spring Rd with a safe, flowing paved path. If you start from our shop you can hop on the trail and go left to take large loop around JMU's Newman lake, then circle back to the trail in Purcell Park and cross two beautiful bridges to land on Stone Spring Rd. Turn around there and head back to the park to watch for fish in the pond or stop and play on the enormous Kid's Castle. It's the perfect way to spend and afternoon or morning.

This weekend my wife and I took our kids for a bike ride on the trail and we had a blast.. We left our home and hopped on the trail on Butler St. We took a break to eat some honeysuckle and give our daughter a little pep talk. She's our cautious child and get a little nervous the first few minutes on her bike; however, 10 minutes later she wants to race downhill. (Not sure what that means for her personality, but I guess time will tell.)

Our son, loves to ride his bike, he'd do it all day and night if we'd let him. So going to the park to ride on the Bluestone Trail is his idea of a great day. 

On this particular trip we skipped the JMU section of the trail and just rode the Purcell Park section. We made a few laps and once we were all red in the face, we turned home for dinner with smiles on our face.

Thank you, Harrisonburg, for building the Bluestone Trail and giving my family and I the perfect place to spend a couple hours to make memories!