Cold Weather

Flash Sale - January 23rd and 24th

Maybe my brain is a little frozen from this morning's ride (low 20's in the dark for 20 miles - yes, my water bottle froze), but regardless, I've decided to offer a great deal today and tomorrow. It's cold outside and we don't want that to keep you from going on your next ride or run, so, we're taking 25% off our in-stock cold weather gear. That's right, 25% OFF, even those pesky online retailers can't beat that.

Even if you don't need anything right now, you should pick up something for your friend who always complains about it being too cold!

So bundle up and come see us at the shop. Dave and Erik will have a cup of hot coffee/chocolate ready for you! 

Bluestone Bike & Run Flash Sale - Jan 23 and 24 - Cold Weather Gear


Staying Warm When It's Bitter Cold

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The combination of cold temperatures and limited sunlight make winter riding and running a challenging commitment to make, but it is possible to have fun outside in the winter.  Over the past week I have ridden 3 times in under 20 degree weather and rode one 6 hour mountain bike ride in the snow.  With proper clothing I was never uncomfortable and none of my extremities went numb.  The key to my winter riding is making sure I have convertible clothing that allows me to always stay warm and dry this means regulating temperature to prevent sweat and also blocking outside moisture.

The secret that any avid winter outdoors man will tell you is to dress in layers.  I typically have a base layer that wicks sweat, a thermal layer for warmth, and a wind/water layer such as a vest or wind breaker that I can take on and off depending on air flow and moisture. In addition, I use a lot of accessories that I can take on and off such as a buff, an under helmet wool skull cap and glove/shoe covers to regulate temperature.

Dressing appropriately for the weather is the easiest way to get outside when most people aren't.  In the winter a lot of plants die back making for stunning views and wide trails that aren't overgrown.   Stop by the shop today if you have any questions about apparel or rides and runs that are winter friendly.

Elkhorn lake sitting still below a snow covered little bald knob.

Elkhorn lake sitting still below a snow covered little bald knob.