How To Dress When It Is Freezing Outside

Ice, Ice, Baby! It's freezing outside, so let's talk about preparing for a run when the temperature drops.

Here's our Head-To-Toe Must Do Check List

Head/Neck: You must cover your head and neck. We recommend wearing at least a Buff, which is a fabric tube that is designed to cover both your head and neck in many different ways. Other options are a stocking cap or ear band.

Body: Layers! We tell our friends that you should dress as if it is 10-20 degrees warmer than the temperature that you will be running in. Therefore, if it is 20 degrees outside, dress as if it is 40 degrees (if your body is typically colder than your friends are) and dress as if it is 30 degrees outside (if your body is typically warmer than your friends are).

30 degrees: 2 tops, 1 bottom. Long sleeve wool or performance fabric base layer and a light jacket. 1 pair of tights/leggings.

10-20 degrees: 2 tops, 2 bottoms. Add a thicker top layer along with your base layer. Go for two pairs of pants, or at least some taller socks.

Hands: Don’t let your fingers get cold, we repeat, don’t let your fingers get old! We recommend a pair of gloves or mittens. Many new running jackets and long sleeve shirts have mittens built in, which is a bonus. However, we still suggest having a separate pair of gloves for your hands. Mittens tend to be warmer, as your fingers are note separated.

Feet: If your piggies get cold, you will want to turn around ASAP. If it is at all slushy outside, we recommend shoes with a Gor-tex material or at the very least where shoes that do not have a large about of mesh or holes. Secondly, you will need socks that wick away moisture. Wool socks are excel at in cold temperature!

Safety Gear: If it is dark, which is common during the colder months, you should definitely run in a reflective vest and lights.

Warm-up: Before you go out in the cold, do some jumping jacks, jogging in place, or similar to get your blood flowing, but do not break a sweat. This way the cold, will not feel so cold!

Change: After your run, do not hang out in your sweaty clothes. Be sure to quickly change into something dry and comfy, because your body temperature will drop significantly when you are done running!

Bluestone Bike & Run and our downtown shop, Bluestone Running, have all the cold weather essentials you need. Swing by either location and we will be glad to help you out!

You Need Some New Socks!

Let's help our local NICA mountain bike team and purchase a pair or two of their socks. They are raising money to purchase bike racks for staging their bikes at races and events.

The details from Deidrah:

Shen-Rock is selling awesome Defeet 6" Aireator custom bike socks for only $12 a pair!

We are raising money to purchase bike racks for staging our bikes at our races. This will be much nicer then having over 18 bikes laying around on the ground!

The socks are being made right now and should be ready mid-October. We have a limited supply, so claim a pair before they're all gone! 

We are taking pre-orders now, so that socks will be set aside with your name on them when the shipment arrives.

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Please let me know what size(s) shoe and quantities you want and I'll make sure you get these cool socks as soon as they arrive!

If you want to order some socks, or have questions feel free to email me at or text, no calling please (i'll be at school) at (540)908-0934

Here's a sneak peak of what the socks will look like!!