Running Classes - Every Wednesday in June / Training Plan for Valley 4th Races!

Bluestone Running @ the Agora Downtown Market will offer a four-week “Lunch Hour” training & educational series to assist you for your 4th of July and/or summer running plans. (No outside runs are planned during these sessions!)

Sign-up to enroll in one or more of these free classes which will cover basic training, shoes & accessories, nutrition and hydration, stretching - before and after, and proper form.

Classes will be held on each Wednesday during June. Times are from 12:10 PM to 12:50 PM.

June 6th – A basic training plan and your personal goals. We will provide basic running guides and plans you can follow for current and future running events and/or goals. In regards to training - No Deposit, No Return!
Instructors: Nelle Douglas / Mike Fox

June 13th - The right shoes for YOUR feet; important accessories. We will look at your current shoes, review your gait, and guide you to the right shoe for you. Also, there are basic accessories you should consider such as sun block, energy gels or powders, an ID tag, etc.
Instructors: Adam Ritter and Eric Jensen

June 20th - Nutritional and hydration do’s & don’ts . We will give you an overview on best practices to follow both during your training period and the race. These are some simple, but important steps to learn.
Instructor: Nelle Douglas

June 27th - Stretching correctly before & AFTER; proper form while running. There are a few pre and post running steps we should all follow to guard us from injuries. Prevention and maintenance are keys to a healthier and enjoyable running experience and lifestyle. We will provide you with some effective and not too hard stretches!
Instructor: Dr. David Glazer.

Please join us for one or more of these helpful training and insightful classes so your running experiences, from the ground up, will be more enjoyable. Things will happen, from weather to you name it; just take what the day throws at you in stride!

Sign-up via our Facebook page, Bluestone Running, or in-person at our Agora Downtown Market location (165 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Harrisonburg) or at our “big” store at 1570 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg).

Bring your own lunch. We will provide desserts. We hope to see you in June!

Weekly drawing for prizes too!