Bluestone Weekly Video 1

Trying something new. A weekly recap/update video for the shop every Friday. 

Noteworthy comments:
Yeti Cycles in stock, demo SB6 and SB5.5 (both in a size large)
Events - Shuttle Series, Bikepacking and Beers Pale Fire Brewing Company, Gear Swap, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) Monthly Social, FORGOT TO MENTION our Saucony Shoe Demo on Wednesday Jan. 31st
Shoes - Trail Running, New Kids and Youth shoes on the way
Service - Now's the time to bring your bike(s) in. It's too cold to ride and the turnaround is quick!
Go Dukes!

Please let me know your feedback. (In the future I’m going to shoot for a much shorter video.)