Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes, They Do It Right!

We've stocked Santa Cruz mountain bikes at Bluestone Bike & Run, for three years now and we couldn't be more proud of the brand and the bikes coming from our friends in California.

Since owning my first Santa Cruz (an orange 5010 v1 in 2015) I've been hooked on the build quality, the ride characteristics, and service. Since that bright orange machine, I've had a Bronson and a Hightower, and I just unboxed my new Hightower LT. I've also demoed every other model than their downhill beast, the V10.

There are many reasons someone looking at a high-end mountain bike should consider Santa Cruz, but my top four reasons are:

Lifetime Warranty
Dialed ride (suspension)
Specs (component options)
100% Fun

Yes, you get a lifetime warranty with these bikes. You could easily keep them for many years because they are so well made. However, if you're like me, you'll probably want the latest and greatest, every couple years. So when you upgrade, don't worry because Santa Cruz bikes have amazing resale values.

The VPP suspension design is efficient and responsive. You've got to try it for yourself. (We have DEMO BIKES!)

Specs can make or break a bike and Santa Cruz, doesn't mess around with their builds. You can hop on a 2.5k bike that will be the most fun you've ever had, or a 10K dream build bike. 

At Bluestone, we're more about fun than racing, but if you wanted to race on your Santa Cruz, you'd be just fine. If you follow mountain biking, you've probably seen or heard of the Santa Cruz Syndicate. Those dudes can ride! Also, I think everyone has seen a Danny MacAskill video. He rides/dances/performs magic with a Santa Cruz too.

One other thing, these bikes come with free bearings for life. Yes, if your bearings aren't smooth, call us or Santa Cruz up and we'll get you a new set, no questions asked. 

Santa Cruz is on point. Want to hear more about them, their carbon factory, history, etc. check out this podcast from the Path Podcast.