New Year's Eve Glow Run!

This New Year's Eve, my family and I got out for VA Momentum's Glow Run 5k, presented by Generations Crossing (an awesome facility in Harrisonburg that is a day care center for both children and adults). 

Naps, hunting for all our gloves (10), and pumping up the stroller's tires put us a little behind, so we missed the warm-up session and the Kids Countdown Run, but we made it to the starting line just as the "race" started.

It was just getting dark at 5:30 and we were covered in head-to-toe with glow sticks. As participants you were provided with a handful of glow accessories, but we raided our at-home stash too, so we were glowing to the max. 

The run started on an obscure street in Harrisonburg, Chesapeake Ave. People who are not in the building construction industry, probably don't even know this street exists. However, it was the perfect backdrop for the start of the Glow Run. The team at VA Momentum had all kinds of cool colored lights lining the road and shining on miscellaneous buildings, making for an awesome atmosphere - the energizing music was key too.

The older kids starting the run with much excitement - photo credit: Aubrey Gee

The older kids starting the run with much excitement - photo credit: Aubrey Gee

After a few turns, us runners were on JMU's campus. Campus was quiet with the students still on break, but for that hour or so of running, we filled it with life! 500 runners wearing silly outfits and 1000's of feet pounding the big hill beside DHALL (R.I.P) is something even JMU students would have a hard time competing with ;)

My wife is 19 weeks pregnant, with our fourth kid, so running the entire 5k wasn't in the cards; however, she did half of it (all while pushing our youngest in a stroller). I had the other two kids and we all started out running, but as we hit the first climb of the hill up to DHALL my oldest son hopped in the stroller I was pushing. My daughter ran all by herself until the intersection by the bookstore. For just turning 7, I was very impressed. She hopped in the stroller, but would get out to run again two more times - she didn't want to cross the finish line in the stroller!

After the race we took a family photo in the black light tent and shared a few laughs with other participants. We skipped out on the after party at Pale Fire (with great sadness) and instead went to grab a quick bite to eat near our house at Jalapeno. 

The Glow Run was a great way to wrap up 2016. Who knows what all will happen in 2017, but two things I'm sure about are that we'll add another kid to the mix and we'll definitely run the NYE Glow Run again!

Post NYE Glow Run eats at Jalapeno