Why We Support Spark Her Stride

For the past few weeks our parking lot on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings has been filled with the sound of laughter - more specifically giggles. 

We've had the pleasure of hosting Spark Her Stride, a running group for 8-12 year old girls for the past two years. This awesome initiative is designed to empower young girls in the Harrisonburg community through healthy activity, a welcoming environment, and caring volunteers. The group gathers for all of June in preparation for our local Valley 4th Run on July 4th.

These awesome girls meet twice a week at the shop and each meeting has a different theme. They learn something new from a speaker or group of speakers and then go on a run in Purcell Park. Each time they take away something new, like learning about hydration or overcoming challenges. 

The volunteers are what make Spark Her Stride so unique. There are women in many different stages of life and they all bring something to the table. There are moms, teachers, students, community leaders, business owners and the list goes on. The young girls get to be with and learn from ladies who have been in their shoes before.

I look forward to when my daughter is old enough to participate in Spark Her Stride. I know she'll love the month long experience, but I also know that the things she will learn and experience are things she'll carry with her the rest of her life.

Thank you VA Momentum and all the volunteers. You're doing so much for our community. And good luck to all the SHS '16 girls running on Monday!

PHOTO CREDIT - Connor Woisard