We Now Offer Bike Financing!

Bluestone Bike & Run is proud to have two bike financing options for our customers. Bike financing isn't for everyone, but it really makes sense for a lot of people. 

We have one option that is much like an auto loan and another that is special financing in the form of a card. The option similar to an auto loan has many payment term (up to 72 mo.) options and most are without interest (up to 24 mo.), IF you make your payments on time. The card option allows you to have 6 months to pay off your account.

Even though we label this bike financing, it isn't limited to just bikes, you can add helmets, shoes, parts, and accessories to the financed amount.

If you are confident in paying your payments on time, we really suggest looking at bike financing.

Here's why...

You want your dream Santa Cruz bike, but it's $5,000. So, you apply for financing and if you're approved you could walk out that day with the bike and have up to 24 months to pay it off. Or you could choose the 6 months option and pay the roughly $835/mo for the bike. This allows you to not have to pay all $5000 at once and keep some cash on hand or to simply pay for the bike as you earn your money.

Another example...

You want a $800 bike, a $100 helmet, some shoes and pedals, and a few pieces of apparel. The bill added up faster than you thought, so you'd like to spread it out over 6 mo. Instead of paying the $1500 at the time of purchase, you can pay roughly $250 a month for 6 months and if you don't miss a payment you're golden.

The scenarios go on and on, but basically our financing allows you flexibility. If you have a specific questions, come visit us or give us a call and we'll be glad to help.