Shipping Your Mountain Bike with Bike Flights

So we just had the fine chance to ship a an XL full-suspension 29" mountain bike. It was headed to a good friend in Memphis, TN. It was a normal procedure, but there was something so right about a particular part of the process that I have to share. 

The shipping.

Normally, shipping is no fun. It can be a pain to package a bike, transport it to Fedex/UPS, next have them weigh and measure the box, and then finally hit you with a high priced shipping label. 

If you've been following us on social media you'd know that Dave is out enjoying the sunshine and warmth of Sedona, which makes Erik the go to man for EVERYTHING.  So needless to say, things at the shop are just a tab more hectic.

We'll after many great rides with my friend Sue G. I'd heard her great stories about working with Bike Flights. I thought, let's try them out, especially since we're crunched on time and manpower. So we did and it was so easily perfect.

Erik did the hard part of prepping the bike for boxing and gave me the measurements. I then visited and entered in the starting location, final destination and then the size of the box. In seconds had a price for me and it was one I couldn't refuse. Shipping to Memphis from Harrisonburg... was only $53!

Next I filled out some specific mailing info and arranged a pick-up time from the shop (yes, the Fedex man was going to pick up the bike). I entered my credit card info and the deal was done.

The bike was scheduled to be picked-up tomorrow, but it actually was picked-up today.

All around, it was a great experience and I'm thankful for my friend Sue and her stories about Bike Flights. I'm just jealous she gets to travel so much with her bike!