8 Reasons Why Bluestone Is Raffling Off A New Cannondale Trigger

1. We're grateful for the community in Harrisonburg/Rockingham County and the surrounding areas . We've been Bluestone Bike & Run for one year and have had great feedback across the board. We owe it to our community to show our thanks.

2. The ShenRock Youth Bike Team is AWESOME. It's a mix of guys and girls who range in age from middle school to high school. They are modern day bike pioneers. 

3. We want to have more pioneers for biking. We want more kids to ride bikes. We want more adults to ride bikes. And not just ride bikes, but LOVE bikes.

4. We want the ShenRock team to be able to grow in such a way that when Kyle's kids are in middle school and high school that each school will have their own cycling team.

5. We want to generate buzz for biking in Harrisonburg. We want the raffle to spread like wild fire across the community, so that more people talk about and get excited about bikes.

6. We wanted to have a win/win contest. Regardless if a customer's raffle ticket wins the bike or not, the customer knows that their money is going to a great cause.

7. The Cannondale Trigger is a SUPER bike for our local trails. We want the lucky winner to fully enjoy what our area has to provide.

8. We want people to come to our 2nd Annual Gear Swap on April 2nd to see the winner's HUGE smile!