2016 Costume Fun Bike & Run Recap

This past Saturday was JMU's Homecoming and while the majority of the town was wearing purple and gold, a handful of us put on costumes to run and bike around downtown.

We met at Wolfe Street Brewing at 4pm dressed as dancers, superheros, dinosaurs, deer, as well as a group of vikings. 

After emphasizing the importance of safety, we set off down Liberty St., turned East on Bruce St., then turned north on Main St., before turning back onto Wolfe St. Our eclectic group received lots of smiles and waves from passengers in cars, hungry crowds in front of restaurants, and from folks crossing the streets. 

Everyone loved seeing the viking ship, piloted by Serpahim and David, and pointed out the crazy 5 year old Superman leading the pack.

A huge kudos goes to Nelle and Erik for running the route, TWICE, while the rest of us pedaled, many with trailers for costumed kiddos.

Thanks to all our friends that came out, we look forward to another costumed bike and run in 2017!