Shenandoah Mountain 100 Tip - Use Chamois Cream

The 100 is just around the corner and today we have a tip for anyone who plans to ride long and hard.

Use Chamois Cream.

The topic of chamois cream can be a little embarrassing, but we need to look past that and consider the benefits of riding with chamois cream versus without it.

First, what is chamois cream?

Chamois cream is used to help eliminate friction between your skin and the fabric of your shorts. It's designed to cut out chafing and even has anti-bacterial properties to further help fend off discomfort. It comes in a number of forms including balms, creams and even powder.

Why use chamois cream?

You've probably had a saddle sore or two from riding your bike and I bet you don't have fond memories of the feeling. Well chamois cream is designed to prevent those sores. By reducing friction and bacteria the cream keeps you feeling as good as possible during long stints in the saddle.

Every person who rides a bike can use chamois cream, but the cyclists that ride consistently and especially those who ride many miles on a frequent basis should use definitely use chamois cream. Simply put, the friction prevention and anti-bacteria properties will help anyone who sits on a bike seat!


Use your hands or cloth to apply the cream to the areas that contact your saddle or, if you like, you can apply the cream directly to your chamois in the areas where you make contact with your saddle. How much chamois cream you use is ultimately your call, but you really only need a layer, so using a full tub or tube during one application would be extreme. Think in tablespoon quantities, not cups, if that helps.

Post Ride

Be sure to hop out of your shorts as fast as possible, so you're not subjecting your skin to wet clothes for an unnecessary amount of time, and remember to wash your shorts regularly.