Harrisonburg's Running Scene - Godspeed Craig!

There's a lot going on in Harrisonburg these days, especially in the area of retail businesses. One of the biggest changes to the active lifestyle scene in Harrisonburg is the closing of The Runner's Corner in downtown Harrisonburg. The Runner's Corner has been a devoted specialty running store in our town for many, many years.

We highly respect Craig and his decision to spend more time with his family. Bluestone Bike & Run is another local business that puts family at the forefront. We believe in supporting and growing families in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Giving families the tools to go adventure is one of the reasons we open our doors and seeing the smiling faces of the old and young make us open our doors again the following day.

Craig and Kyle have had the chance to get to know each other over the last few weeks and it is our goal to help fill the void that The Runner's Corner is leaving. We'll never be an identical replacement for The Runner's Corner, but we will provide expert running shoe services and stock the brands you've come to trust. 

We are currently working on becoming a dealer for some of the running shoe brands that The Runner's Corner carried. Once we have those and add them to our existing shoe brands of Brooks Running and Topo Athletic, plus SuperFeet insoles, we'll have all you need and more to continue your running passion, while also shopping locally.

We are in the works to ramp up our shoe retail space and planning to participate in more local running events. We already have a weekly Wednesday morning trail run and are working to add an evening run too. 

We're sponsoring the area's newest running event Pound The Peak with VA Momentum this month and will continue to help sponsor local running events.

Here at Bluestone Bike & Run we have three JMU Kinesiology graduates, one of which is currently working on her masters in Kinesiology. Dave, Erik, and Jess know how the body is supposed to work and their education and experience will translate to more comfort, more speed, fewer injuries, and further distances in your exercise. 

When we boil down our mission statement it becomes, "For the Good of the City". What we mean by that, is that we're here to make Harrisonburg and the area around it a better place. We are working our hardest to provide the best services and products to help you live your life to the fullest. 

With all that being said, we want to wish Craig and his family all the best. We recognize all the the hard work that he put into creating and maintaining the running culture here in Harrisonburg and we will go above and beyond to continue adding value and life to that culture.

Here's to a bright future Craig and to a thriving running scene in the Valley!