Shenduro Shiner

This past Sunday the guys made it out to the latest Shenduro. An informal race held quarterly in-and-around Harrisonburg, Va. Scott Wooten, possibly one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet, puts on these free events. 

The Shenduro is an Enduro style group ride with taken to the next level with digital timing chips. Everyone casually works their way up to the trail head and then races down, one person at a time, every 30 seconds. What this allows for is an event that is made up of equal parts race and fun.

Sunday was beautiful with temps starting in the low 40s and working their way up to 60 degrees. Everything was perfect until we had to cross a 20 yard stream full of melting snow runoff! But even that made for a great time, as everyone took of their shoes and socks and carried their bikes across, praying they wouldn't fall in.

Creek Crossing after Road Hollow

This particular event was made up of 3 downhill sections and a good bit of climbing. We started out at the Braley's Pond Parking Lot and either road or biked to Confederate Breastworks.  

  • Stage 1 of the event was an awesome run down Road Hollow

Then we road up Bridge Hollow

  • Stage 2 was a screaming decent down Braley's Pond (I wrecked here)

Then a ride up Magic Moss

  • Stage 3 was a quick run down Dowell's Draft

It was awesome and Dave and Erik placed in the Top 5 (places 2 and 4 respectively), while I dropped out after my wreck on Braley's, where I got to test the protection of my Bell Super 2. The helmet certainly did its job as I walked away from a run-in with a tree with only a black eye and a headache.

Thanks to Tim Richardson, Sue George, Ben Velker, Dave and Erik, and everyone else who checked on me after my crash!


Getting nice and purple two days after my crash.