Super Bowl Sunday: Celestial Weather, Freedom and Families

One of the oldest, most infamous group rides in the country held every year on Super Bowl Sunday happens to be in the shop back yard.  We got out Sunday morning at 8 to start the 18 mile road journey out the the Briery Branch Community Center where the ride leaves from at 10:am.  The Super bowl Sunday ride is a loop that takes you up to one of the highest points in the state, flagpole knob, via paved and gravel(read: usually snow covered) road and then after some tossing of the pigskin and pictures the group splits into several groupettos and descends one of 5 or 6 different options back down into the valley. 

The weather this year was absolutely celestial.  After climbing the clean pavement in 30 degree temperatures we reached the saddle of the mountain where the paved road gives way to a non maintained gravel fire road.  At this point the path becomes much more raw, varying in recent years from bare gravel all the way to several feet of snow. This year was a special treat we had about 6 inches of fluffy dry powder than had been packed by trucks to make a smooth grippy bicycle expressway without any glazed snow or ice to slip on.  To make it better there were very few puddles making for a fast paced and dry climb  through an amazing high alpine winter wonderland.  we couldnt have asked for better trail conditions for a fun 55 mile day in the saddle with my friends.   Don't trust my words though check out the gallery below to see the ride for yourself!

Check out the my Strava for the full from town loop!