What if...3 Miles

What if you explored 3 miles around your house/work by bike. 

This is our challenge to you for 2016, 3 Mile Exploratory Rides. Do them and have fun.

We bet you'll see something new that will put a smile on your face. Or I bet you will arrive somewhere to grab a nice cup of coffee or a delicious something to eat. Even better, you may meet a new neighbor and build a stronger community.

Imagine this...

If you live downtown, you could take a multitude of different 3 mile loops and see something new, eat something different, or make a new friend each time. I could see you leaving your house on West View, riding to Heritage Bakery for a muffin and then to the cemetery to walk around, reading names of some of Harrisonburg's most influential people. Then hop back on your bike and ride past someone working in their yard on Franklin St. You've never met them before, but it turns out you're from the same hometown and have lots of friends in common. You then invite them over for a cookout that night. How cool would that be?! 

If you live near the hospital, you could explore a new road or catch a different angle of the mountains surrounding our valley, grab a biscuit from Bojangles, and meet the family that moved in a month ago, but you've been to busy with life to stop and meet.

Live out near EMU? Great! Here you can swing by A Bowl of Good, check out the renovations to EMU's Science Center, and meet someone at EMHS while watching a soccer game.

Live on Harrisonburg's "South Side", then you definitely need to explore the Bluestone Trail, maybe stop by Kline's Dairy Bar for their flavor of the week, and spring up a conversation with someone hiking the trails at Hillandale Park.

Spreading out further, if you live in Dayton you certainly need to ride to Grammies' Ice Cream, or stop at Silver Lake Mill and watch people fish or water fowl swim, and then meet a volunteer at one of the many community events at Dayton's outdoor amphitheater. 

It's amazing what you can see and do on 3 miles by bike in a small town. 3 miles may seem like a lot to some people, but just take it slow. Enjoy your time on the bike. 

Have a cool 3 mile story, where you had some amazing food, saw an unbelievable sunset, or made a new friend? Please share it with us!