Family Fun Ride! - "It's fun riding bikes with new friends."

Yesterday was an abnormally beautiful day in Harrisonburg. As I got the kids set-up on their bikes it was a comfortable 65 degrees! 

The kids were pumped, we were going to go ride with a bunch of other people on the Bluestone Trail and then we'd return back to the shop to enjoy apple cider and snacks, courtesy of the Friendly City Food Co-op. How could you not be excited for that?!

We met Becky Johnston of Safe Routes To School at the shop at 3pm and set-up tables and such to welcome the riders. At about 3:15 we had a great group of people ready to roll. There were kids on push bikes, some on training wheels, more on youth bikes, and lots of parents on their favorite bicycle. I counted 42 people!

With properly adjusted helmets and inflated tires, we set off for a casual ride on the trail. Nathan Barge, also of Safe Routes To School, lead the charge along with professional cyclist Jeremiah Bishop and his son, Conrad. Once we hit the trail we headed south towards Stone Spring Rd. and came back to Butler St. Kids with more energy than mine, did the loop a few more times, but as for my family we headed back to the shop to grab some cider and candy canes.

Everyone else slowly trickled back with smiles on their faces. The Bluestone parking lot was abuzz with chatter about the ride, the good snacks, the friendly people at the park, and of course talk of the warm December weather. 

As everyone left for home, I locked up the shop and jumped on my bike with my kids. We rode home and were ready for dinner. June looked up at me as we were almost home and said, "It's fun riding bikes with new friends," and I look down at her with a big smile. I agreed.