I Run Harrisonburg

We've had the pleasure to get to know and partner with the awesome guys (and their wives) at VA Momentum over the last year. We see eye to eye with their thoughtful, community driven vision and we're happy to serve Harrisonburg and the surround areas together. A couple months ago, we had lunch to chat about ways we could formally support runners in Harrisonburg. And by runners we mean everyone from those who've never run a mile to those that can run for days. Kids to great-grandparents. We agree it's equally important to encourage them all.

We decided at lunch that day it wasn't all on us. Instead, it made sense to pull a few folks together and ask them how we could help. So we did. We asked the group a bunch of questions. Most importantly, "What can we do to support the running community?"

Loads of cool ideas came from the meeting, but perhaps the simplest, most resounding sentiment was:

"We need a shirt!" 

So we did what the group asked. We got a shirt. 

Black and High Rez Yellow "I Run Harrisonburg" shirts are for sale now at the shop for $25 in men's and women's sizes (Brooks brand, long sleeve, tech shirt).

100% of the proceeds support Spark Her Stride 2016.

We ordered a limited quantity of shirts and pending the speed of sales, we'll order more. We hope you'll enjoy them, wear them in and out of town with pride, and take pictures of yourself representing the running community of Harrisonburg!