Last week I took a nice spin around my parents' town, Richmond, VA, and specifically the older neighborhoods in the West End.  Among all the mature landscaping and beautiful classic homes I noticed something, something that I began to dwell on while I pedaled.  Something that actually made me want to make a change back at my house in Harrisonburg.

I want to hang an American flag.

While riding around I saw an overwhelming number of American flags and my guess is that although they seemed to compliment the look of the classic homes nicely, that the owners of those homes also had a deep appreciation for their flag.

I'm not trying to be super patriotic with this post or make any political statements what so ever, but one thing I will say is that it was extremely cool to see flags flying in the breeze and think about what our flag stands for.

What do you think about while you ride? Riding provides for a good heaping of "alone time", so I know you've got to think about something. What it is?