One of my favorite things about riding is all of the interesting places a bicycle can take me.  Recently I was given the opportunity to head back to my parents house and ride in a not so common place.  I made a route based on roads I knew and ones I had never taken that was mostly dictated by where there wasn't high water from monsoon season.

When I reached the last bicycle safe east west corridor and it was flooded I decided that it was better to try and fail than to turn around and retrace my steps.  The picture right is on the east side of the  1/2 mile pond on paige rd.  At its deepest I might compare it to Lake Baikal soaking my bike up to its hubs.  I made it through the flood but not without soaking my feet and drive train!


 I finished the route meandering farm roads up to the Spotsylvania courthouse and then shooting north back to Fredericksburg. rounding out the trip with 70 miles, not bad for a 4 hour ride!


I recreated most of my  route here 

Along the adventure I stopped at a beautiful old baptist church to recharge myself. This church in Paige, VA was from the year 1800.  I rested under the shade of a big tree and enjoyed a snack.  After leaving my lunch break things got even more fun!