More Than Exercise

Yesterday morning was beautiful. It started with a 5:05 am alarm, which lead to a quick breakfast, and even faster jump into my biking gear. Why the rush? I needed to be at my buddy Ben's house by 5:30.

It was still dark as I rolled up to Ben's house and we exchanged a few early morning grunts.  Without directly saying it, we were both really excited to be there - preparing for a ride we'd planned a few days prior. It wasn't going to be an epic ride by any manner, but it was going to be a ride and that's what mattered.

We left Ben's house to swing by and pick-up Tristan before we found Country Club Rd. and continued on to the Western Slope of Massanutten.

At the bottom of Massanutten we connected with two other early risers, Joel and Justin. The five of us hadn't been in the same spot in a few months, so after some brief catching up we hit the trails.

It was the first ride in a while for some of the guys, so we planned to take it easy. We decided on a clockwise loop of the mountain and I'm glad we did. While on the Boundary trail we ran across a mamma and baby bear, watched the sun rise, and discussed summer plans at the Overlook.

Mixed in with the sweat and rocks, we learned that one of the guys was expecting another kid, we cursed at the difficulty of the "waterfall" , and we joked with/about one of the guys who will be moving (we joked to avoid our true feelings, because he will be greatly missed).

Biking in a physical sense is good exercise, but biking as a whole is so much more. Biking builds awesome friendships and provides a springboard for unforgettable memories. That is why I love it and I'm sure why many others around the world do too.