Winter Cycling Tip #2...Stay Warm to the Core

Staying warm in the wintry slurry we are now starting to face can prove to be a challenge, especially over the last few weeks!  We've found that the "core" to keeping yourself warm starts with a solid base layer.  Any outdoors enthusiast will tell you that layers are the key, and your base layer offers a foundation to build off. It can be coupled with any number of apparel accessories so that you may dress as warm, or as light as you would like, and can make or break any adventure. 

Starting with a solid layer of warmth on your core, not only provides proper moisture wicking to occur, as well as promoting temperature regulation that helps keep you from getting overly hot or cold.  Often times with a solid base layer, similar to Endura's BaaBaa Merino long sleeve base layer, you can be quite comfy with only a light wind barrier, or a thermal jersey. The crucial part of a base layer is the material,  wool has become my favorite type of material, mostly because you can always count on it to perform flawlessly!  Whether it's keeping you warm when you're dry, or warm when you're wet. And, lets face it, staying warm when you're wet this time of year is a must!  Not to mention we think these things look pretty stylish as just casual wear, especially with all their hot colors and their super soft feel!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, or come by the shop and pick our brains!