The New Shoe Difference

Time and time again I hear people ask how often they should replace shoes.  It's a difficult question to answer, for hundreds of reasons (type of shoe, quality of shoe, age, distance ran etc), however, it's one worth knowing the answer to.  An achy back or sore feet from a day at work, yesterdays run, or today's walk, can often be traced back to one thing.  Your footwear!  We've all been guilty of letting a pair of shoes go "to far", the difference over time is subtle and slow to notice (Worn tread, overly compressed foam, or a harder insole). 

After all if our shoe's wore out over night, we'd all be pretty upset, so the only night and day difference you'll notice is when you replace them.  Sadly, if you can notice a night and day difference in your shoe's fit then those poor pavement pounders should have been kicked to the curb sooner!  This is something I can personally relate to, having suffered from countless overuse injuries from running (this is the main reason I actually switched to cycling).  After wearing countless holes in the uppers and lowers of all my shoes, I purchased a few different pairs of Brooks and Topo Athletic running shoes, not only for running, but to work in as well (A comfy shoe helps keep you're bike mechanics wrenching happily all day!).  Lets just say my feet have never been happier,  having proper arch support as well as a soft, supple foam that hasn't become flattened from miles of abuse is such an incredible feeling. Though proper fit (Brannock Device's) is crucial to a pain free running shoe.  Come by and let us shoe you the New Shoe Difference!