Winter Cycling Tip #3 The Soggy Bottom Saga

Rainy days are here again :(  and with that comes road/trail spray, and a soggy bottom.  The soggy chamois can seem like the worst catastrophe when it's cold out.  There are many ways to alleviate this issue, the most common way is to strap some clunky looking fenders to your noble stead.  Let's face it though, unless your commuting no one wants to do that.  Recently, we discovered a wonderful new product that has changed our outlook on winter slush riding from being bearable to enjoyable.  The Endura MT500 Spray short and Spray 3/4 short!  I've Logged a number of rides and runs in these thing's and lets say the soggy bottom saga is over!  So if your looking for a sweet new piece of riding gear, you should check these things out!  Say good by to that soggy Chamois (it's so 2014), and say hello to the new year (and a dry rear) in 2015 with some awesome new technical riding gear!

Winter Tip 1

Winter Tip 2