The Jekyll...Simply Amazing, but Where is Mr. Hyde???

That's right, this the Jekyll is amazing, just amazing! Never before have I piloted a bike this capable, so much so that the only way you won't make it through a section of trail is when you chicken out.  Rock drops, log hops, and boulder fields, if you can send it, the Jekyll will always reply with a landing so soft you'd think you were riding through a field of clouds.  Between the plush 160mm Travel Lefty Super Max, and the bottom less travel of the FOX DYAD, any big hit you've ever dreamed about is now a reality!  My intentions aren't to sound one side, However the lefty feels incredibly precise while navigating rock gardens and other trail obstacles.  Pair that with a dropper post that allows you to put the bike farther out in front of you and take the brunt of your bad (or good depending on your perspective) decisions, So much so that you begin to question why Cannondale would name a bike after such a mild mannered doctor, and not his more rambunctious alternate personality, Mr. Hyde. That's where YOU, the rider come in, you get to be Mr. Hyde, the hidden personality behind Dr. Jekyll. The one that transforms this otherwise simple machine into the shred sled it truly is.  Flick a couple of switches and drop that dropper, and it's like you've drank that magical elixir, turning you into the trail menace!  Once you get to the bottom don't think the fun ends there!  Flip that remote travel reducer switch on the dyad, and the magical elixir of descending wears off, and you slip on your top hat, grab you're cane to climb to the top of the next mountain and you've become mild mannered Dr. Jekyll again.  A bike perfectly at home among the cross country bikes, subtly blending in until the need to release Mr. Hyde arises yet again.  The ultimate question is, where might that next trail be?