Sunday at the Parkway!

This past weekend Kelly and I headed over to the Blue Ridge Parkway near Afton, Virginia for some climbing and different terrain than we have in the valley. The Blue Ridge Parkway (BLC) winds through the mountains all the way down to Tennessee and starts where Skyline Drive ends. 

The Parkway is nice riding, but the real treasures to me are the dirt and paved roads that criss-cross the Parkway. These roads have virtually no traffic, are either a climb or a descent, and are at the edge of what I ride my road bike on. Seeing as it is winter still, I expected it to be wet and snowy on a number of these roads, so we took out mountain bikes. Kelly on her Scalpel and I on my Felt singlespeed.

Conditions didn't disappoint and we had plenty of wet, snowy dirt road fun! In the backwoods with some cool summer cabins tucked way back in the hollows. One of my favorite roads runs along a creek full of car and house sized quartz boulders. On a cool winter day, it was definitely a choice ride!


GPS Strava of our ride!