Mini Van Recovery ride

In hopes of selling my beloved mustang to pay off some student loans, I ventured home to pick up the old family mini van and soon to be race wagon (stay tuned for a latter blog about that).  I had a few options for picking up the mini van, drive back with a friend and return to Harrisonburg, have the family drop the car off, or ride my bike home.  Well you can guess which one I chose!  Of course I was going to ride my bike!  Though this was an excellent opportunity to spread my wings and start touring Virginia, I had no clue where to start.  So, I requested the assistance of our very own Erik Jensen, who had made this trek three times before.  Sunday morning, we set out on a route he had perfected to be the quickest, safest, and by far the most spectacular. Although, his trips ended in Fredericksburg, leaving me to venture the 20 miles to Stafford solo, after a 99 mile ride.  There were many spectacular views crossing over skyline drive, once we hit the flat lands we saw trees, gravel, and well the D.C.ers.  Crossing skyline, Erik and I seemed to enter a new world, where holding a fast pace seemed to be easy, but finding driver's who respected cyclists was quite difficult.  Needless to say, this left me with a new found appreciation to live in a cycling community like ours.  With this being my longest ride of all time, totaling 119.5 miles in just under 7 hours, there were a number of new experiences, the most remarkable was zoning out a little after lunch and focusing only on keeping 3 inches between Jensen's rear wheel and my front, and well, pedaling.  Overall it was an awesome ride, and I look forward to making that trip again, and possibly returning on a different route by bike.