Back to Racing

After a winter with a few setbacks, the racing year started a bit slower than usual. With a trip up north to visit my family and some good weekday races there is no reason not to jump back into racing!

A good ride with gravel, climbing and Amish farmhouses started the week off right on Sunday. Gps file

Tuesday was a race in the nearby city of Rochester, NY and was quite a rude wakeup call. After riding with the leader for a few laps the super punchy course took its toll on my jello legs. I faded quickly and ended up a distant 4th place, a few minutes off the winner. The bike worked well though, and Kelly completed her first ever mountain bike race and was pretty stoked!

Hoping to better on the poor performance of yesterday, we headed over to the Wednesday night race at nearby Sprague Brook county park. With a weekly race series put on by the folks at WNYMBA on the super fun, rooty singletrack it seemed like it would be a bit more fun than the previous night.

It turned out to be exactly what I had hoped for! After a fast start I quickly put some time between myself and the rest of the field. I had enough of a buffer to really enjoy the sweet singletrack on my new bike  with my new wheels I can say it is the fastest mountain bike I've ever had! Legs and bike felt great, and that makes for a fun day on the trail!

After my win, I saw more than a few familiar faces and even some of the guys from Felt Bicycles were there, including our inside rep at the shop, Dave. It was good to meet him in person and put a matching face to that handsome voice we hear so often.

Tomorrow is the second race in the Larkinville Challenge crit race series. I think I'll try my road legs out!