Ramblin' on the C&O

Slow food. The name given a movement which opposes the affront to wholeness that 'fast food' represents. Sweet Rides... at a leisurely, nay, even lollygagging pace, are also a welcome antidote to the rushed world of speed, distance and performance. It is to this childlike wonder of a world seen from a frequently stopped bike that I am embarked upon this year. 

This ride on the C&O Canal Towpath begins an era for me, where my cycling pursuits return to the earliest racing of childhood and youth. The racing heart, reveling in discoveries of nature and sights. The human race, and it's many varied expressions of transportation, foods and buildings.  These I seek to enjoy again, as from the eyes widened with delight so often seen in a child.

So, to that effect... I find a proper bike, fitted fine with fender and rack. A suspension post as well to make smooth some of the trails I hope to ride this year. A Jandd handlebar bag to carry camera and stuff.  A sweep-back handlebar to enable the upright posture of the adventurer of yore. While it is no Penny-Farthington, it does hark back to the vintage styles of mid last century, though notably enhanced with disc brakes, deep-dish rims and other amenities of our current day.

For the moment, I invite you to enjoy some of the sights the pictures below express. I will, in short order, include some reviews on the bike and accessories that have enhanced rides like these. Looking forward to sharing more along the way.


To best enjoy... click on first pic, then use your keyboard right arrow.