Winter Riding in the Valley

Let's face it, winter is officially here to stay, the question now becomes where to ride.  With many trails, and even some mountain roads laying under a blanket of snow, conditions can be less than favorable.  However, there is a pay off to doing a little hike a bike.  On Sunday, Chris and I set out to conquer a trail in Fort Valley known as "31 Flavors".  With all the snow that had recently fell, we knew we would run into snow.  We just didn't know how much.  When we got to the trail head, the trails didn't seem that bad.  Then we rounded our first switch back, and knew we were in for a long climb.  For the next 2 1/2 hours, we mostly hiked finding an occasional section of trail that was bike-able.  Once the trail started to become rocky, it actually became easier to ride the trail (Who knew rocks could do that!), mostly because your tires slipped less on those than in the snow.  After we got on the ridge, the trail really started to get fun! The best part of the ridge were the views, with the sun starting to set over the walls of the valley  the mountains began to glisten!  It was absolutely stunning!  After stopping to enjoy the view for a moment, we began one of the most diverse descents I've ever ridden.  Changing from technical rocky sections, to tight steep bench cut trails, back to rock, then roots and flowing single track and so one, earning it's name "31 Flavors".  Here are a few of the pictures from the ride.