Bluestone Bike & Run is excited to provide a safe and timely shuttle service for mountain bike enthusiasts! Our adventure van will have you at the trailhead in no time, while our knowledgeable staff will share the route beta on the way.

Need a custom shuttle for your next Shenandoah Valley epic?! Hit us up, (540) 434-5151 or shoot us a message.

Current Shuttle Options:

Reddish Knob - Drop at the top, pick-up at Wolfe Parking Lot ($25/rider for one run, additional runs based on availability. $10/ea. **Minimum of 4 riders**)



What if we have mechanical issues with our bike?

You should be equipped with the proper tools, kits, maps, etc. needed for a long day on our trails.  Porcupine Shuttle does not offer any trail rescue services. If you find yourself in an emergency, dial 911.

Do you supply us with a map?

We do not supply maps in our shuttles. You can pick up current maps at any local bike shop, or you can use one of the online sites to download to your phone.

How do you transport the bikes?

We have multiple systems to accommodate most bikes.  Bikes need to be complete (wheels on), Fat bikes, Lefty forks, are all ok.

Is there a guide with us?

Though our drivers love talking trail and can provide you some helpful information, we do not provide any guide services while on the trail.

How long is the shuttle ride?

All shuttle times vary depending on location, and time of year.

On average a shuttle ride is 45 minutes to an hour.

How much water should I bring?

We recommend that you carry at least 20 oz./per hour/ per rider, if not more. It is also important to have snacks with you as well.