From June 16-20, 2015, spend $50 or more and we'll give you 10% of whatever you buy for your Dad in a gift card for YOU!*

What this means is that you can come get dad that awesome new pair of shoes or shorts he's been looking for and at the same time get a little extra spending money for your new adventure accessory.

Example: Buy your dad a $800 bike and you get an $80 gift card to use how ever you like. Maybe you put that towards something extra for dad or maybe you tuck it away and wait to use it when you've saved up money for your new bike. It's up to you!

*10% will not include tax. If you Dad returns his gift, your gift card will voided. The gift card can not be used on the original purchase, it must be used on a future purchase. Max amount for gift card is $250.