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Thule Pulse L


Additional Roof Rack Storage At a Great Value

The Thule Roof Box offers consumers the additional space they need at an affordable value. The roof box has a large interior capacity, and is constructed of rugged ABS plastic. Additional features include: Thule Easy-Grip mounting knobs internal to the box, SecureLock lid technology, side of box locking functionality, single side box opening from the passenger side, extensive rack compatibility, and three size choices to fit the vehicle and hauling needs of different users.

Rugged and Stylish ABS Plastic Construction

The Thule Pulse Roof Box product line is designed to provide cost-conscious consumers at all levels with the durable cargo box option that they need, without breaking the bank. The box's construction features durable and rugged ABS thermoplastic material throughout that is long-lasting and helps protect contents during transit. Its low-profile design is perfect for users who need to fit in a garage/parking structure, or just are less inclined to remove the box.

The lid holds up to the toughest weather conditions, and thanks to its aerodynamic shape, it can be left on year-round without a significant increase in noise. The reduction in drag through the aerodynamic design may also negate any impact to vehicle fuel efficiency.

Simple Easy-Grip Mounting Hardware

Thule Pulse cargo boxes attach easily to roof racks via Easy-Grip knob hardware along raised grooves in the floor of the box. The tool-free mounting capability of Easy-Grip hardware, and the length of the box's floor grooves make installation of the box a snap, literally installing in less than 5 minutes in many applications.

Passenger-Side Lid Opening

The lid of the Thule Pulse offers standard single-side access, opening up from the passenger side.

Internally at the front and back, it features lid lifters that hold the lid open for hands-free access. When you are done with your box, simply pull the lid closed, and built-in Thule SecureLock technology ensures that all edges of the lid are completely closed, and included locking functionality ensures that it stays that way.

A Variety of Sizes Available

The Thule Pulse M version of the box provides 14 cubic feet of storage space. Additional box specifications include: weight capacity - 110 lb., dimensions - 67" (l) x 35" (w) x 16" (h), weight - 34 lb. The box is also available in two additional standardized size categories designed to help consumers determine which box is right for them: Alpine (11-12 cubic feet), and Large - L (16-17 cubic feet).

Extreme Rack Compatibility

Thule Force cargo boxes are designed for effortless use on most any rack configuration. It is compatible with Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks.

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