Bluestone Weekly Video 1

Trying something new. A weekly recap/update video for the shop every Friday. 

Noteworthy comments:
Yeti Cycles in stock, demo SB6 and SB5.5 (both in a size large)
Events - Shuttle Series, Bikepacking and Beers Pale Fire Brewing Company, Gear Swap, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) Monthly Social, FORGOT TO MENTION our Saucony Shoe Demo on Wednesday Jan. 31st
Shoes - Trail Running, New Kids and Youth shoes on the way
Service - Now's the time to bring your bike(s) in. It's too cold to ride and the turnaround is quick!
Go Dukes!

Please let me know your feedback. (In the future Iโ€™m going to shoot for a much shorter video.)